Canadian Rugby Players Association

To enhance the lives of Canadian Rugby players who unwaveringly dedicate themselves to our country and the continuous improvement of our sport, both on and off the field. 



The Canadian Rugby Players Association is mandated by its members to act in their collective best interest in relation to player welfare and issues affecting the game of rugby, in Canada. The association acts as a conduit for member concerns and provides a platform whereby issues surrounding their welfare can be raised to the highest levels, by the Executive Board.

The CRPA aims to provide players with resources to help with public speaking, media skills and leadership. We use conventional and social media to leverage our athletes personalities and image to grow the game of rugby in the Canadian youth and to inspire generations to come.

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The CRPA is a single entity that unites and represents all the programs within Rugby Canada. It acts in the best interest of its players and ensures accountability through collective bargaining and constant feedback between all stakeholders in the Rugby Canada Community. The RCPA is the exclusive and sole bargaining representation for rugby Canada players.

Our Well-Being program assists players in achieving a sporting/lifestyle balance during their careers and encourages them to maximize the opportunities that are open to them as Canadian rugby players. We assist in ensuring a smooth transition from players playing careers into their professional career.



We provide support throughout the ups and downs of being a professional athlete and life after sport.

To encourage athletes to pursue further educational opportunities and begin preparing for life after rugby. We help apply the skills that athletes use on the field into creating a meaningful career off field. 

We aim to assist athletes who may be transitioning away from home or into the workplace for the first time. Through providing athletes opportunities to help learn life skills, the CRPA aims at creating successful lifelong learners. 

We educate our athletes on the risks associated with being a high performance athlete in today’s society. Training seminars are held to create awareness around social media risks, gambling, as well as drugs and alcohol. 

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If you need to contact a PA member individually, please visit the “About the Directors page”. Here you will find all of the board members email information. 

The Canadian Rugby Player’s Association branches from coast to coast across Turtle Island.