Kwiss Hamilton – Artist, designer of CRPA logo

     Kwiis Hamilton was born November 21, 1993 in Port Alberni, British Columbia, to parents Kwitsel Tatel (Patricia Kelly) and Haa’yuups (Ron Hamilton). Kwiis is Nuuchahnulth from Hupacasath, and Sto:lo (coast Salish) from L’equamel. Kwiis’ career as a maker began with glass making (at age fifteen), and an interest in telling stories though creation. He worked with glass under Matt Eskuche, world-renowned contemporary glassmaker and artist, learning to control molten glass with heat, tools and gravity.

     In 2013 -2014 He studied scientific glass making techniques via correspondence under Mike Souza, head of the glassblowing shop in the department of Chemistry and Physics at Princeton University. Here he learned many highly complex scientific glassmaking techniques, which helped him further refine his expression as a maker. In September 2019 Kwiis began studying northwest coast jewelry arts and design under instructor Shawn Edenshaw, a goldsmith from Haida Gwaii. He received a certificate in jewelry arts and design, having learned advanced hollow-form fabrication, engraving, design, and gem setting.

     Kwiis has also studied design and engraving under Morgan Asoyuf and Richard Adkins. [Kwiss] chose to use strong traditional Salish line-work for this design, to give recognition to [his] cultural values of unity, respect and understanding that were gifted to [him] by [his] Sto:lo (coast Salish) mother. The CRPA will be uniting rugby players countrywide under the common goals of fun, mutual respect, collective betterment, and Rugby. 

     “To symbolize the Canadian Rugby Players Association I choose a fern. A fern is the perfect symbol to represent the CRPA because they are rich medicine for the people and for our ecosystems. Just as the CRPA does for the rugby community in Canada, ferns help to create an environment that fosters growth, collective strength, and diversity. The fern symbolizes your growth as individuals, and as an organization. As a fern grows it fosters the birth and development of new biota. It is a symbol of a strong family and a long life.  You are all strong independently, but together you are stronger. To me, the symbolism is an idealized representation of what we would like, what is currently known as Canada, to be for everyone. An accepting and familial place where peace, respect and love can be nourished and grow.”

     “May this logo carry you forward into the future with kindness and understanding for each other and a love for the game! I hope the very best for your organization and its members.”


The Canadian Rugby Player’s Association branches from coast to coast across Turtle Island.